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This story will be brief, because I'm going to ignore all the times I fell...

I am standing now. It all started one day looking for an activity that would generate pleasure, serenity and keep my mind busy.

I am Venezuelan, I am sure that right now you know what I am talking about.

One day the one who knows everything "Google" brought me a search result: Bisutherapy.

That word caught my attention immediately. I watched videos for hours of women making accessories, I was hypnotized, crazy and excited to start my own business but my budget was only $70.

Without thinking twice I went to one of these wonderful stores that sell everything to create and I invested everything.

In this way I began to take my first steps in the world of entrepreneurship. As the years passed, the demand was greater and I dedicated myself to taking many courses where I could improve the quality of my designs.

Now I am here more in love than ever and grateful to God for allowing me to continue delighting myself with this great passion that I have for handmade jewelry.

Today I have a physical store full of love and blessings in the city of Greensboro, NC.

I would like to tell you not to be afraid to start, but I will not, I learned that fear will always be with you, brave people also feel fear, but they are not paralyzed by it.

You can turn fear into your best guide, and use your wisdom and intuition to stop or move forward when you feel you need to.

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