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Freshwater Pearl Necklace with Starfish Charms

About this item

Gorgeous Peace Charm Necklace. Handmade piece with freshwater irregular pearls, includes an beautiful charms of starfish, oyster, coconut palm, giving a balance between elegance and harmony of the sea. It's contrast between white and gold give a touch of elegance.

You should not worry about using it daily, its useful life is long, if you take care of it, you can take it to her, just remember that applying chemical products on her will cut your time.

Product Details

Length:  16 inches.
Materials:  Freshwater irregular pearls, gold beaded, 18k Gold-Plated.
Color:  Gold, White.
Brand:  Julie Saldivia®
Style:  Elegant.

From classic shapes to creative twists, discover Julie Saldivia's handmade collection of Necklaces.

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