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Paperclip Link Bracelet with Heart Pendant

About this item

Introducing the Julie Saldivia bracelet - simple and elegant with a timeless look. Crafted from 18K gold-plated beads, this Paperclip Link Bracelet will be a go-to piece of jewelry for all your glam occasions! 

The timeless gold color of the Julie Saldivia makes it perfect for any summer day or night activity - slip it on before heading out to your best friend's wedding or your Sunday brunch plans. With its built-in versatility and light weight, you'll never feel weighed down and can keep up with your friends during any event.

Plus, this stunning piece will instantly add shimmer and shine to your ensemble without overpowering it.

Product Details


 7 1/2 inhes


 Gold Plated 18k




 Julie Saldivia




Make a statement without words when you slip on the Julie Saldivia Paperclip Link Bracelet with Heart Pendant. Don't miss out on this classic design!

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