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 Julie Saldivia

Many times I found myself in limbo, after a forced immigration, I needed help to sort out my feelings and thoughts.

I looked around and asked myself the same question more than 100 times: What am I going to do from now on? What do I want in my life? What is my purpose?

As I went through my therapy looking for answers, my therapist suggested motivational therapy, something that would awaken all those lost and blocked emotions in me.

Surfing the internet, I found something called "Bisutherapy", on the web pages I found I read testimonies of people who had cured themselves of illnesses or at least had helped them cope with difficult times.

I decided to take a Bisutherapy course. I lived in Rhode Island, a very small state in the United States, and the course location was Miami, fl.

When the course started, everything changed suddenly. All that creativity and dormant emotions woke up in me, and that's how this story began more than 8 years ago.

Currently Bisutherapy is still my best therapy. And it was the inspiration to create this beautiful project: Julie Saldivia Handmade Jewelry.

It is my biggest challenge. Everything I feel in my heart is expressed by my hands when I design jewelry.

Today as an entrepreneur, and a soul at peace, I just want to tell you that you can dream high while building your own well-being.

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